Accounts preparation:

If you run a limited company in the UK, you must submit company accounts to Companies House. At HKL Accountants, we’re here to help you in your company’s accounts preparation, whether you’re doing this for the first time or it’s been a while since your last submission. Company or statutory accounts are like a summary of your company’s financial performance for a year.

Accounts are prepared based on the size of the company. The rules and regulations are also dependent on the size of the company. The accounts preparation includes the following information about your company:

  • Where your money came from and went (Cashflow statement)
  • What your company owns and owes (Balance Sheet)
  • How much money your company made or lost (Profit or Loss Statement)
  • A report from the company’s boss (Director’s report)
  • Extra explanations about the accounts (Account notes)
  • A check by an outside expert (Auditors Report)

Our experienced account managers will provide comprehensive guidance regarding the appropriate content for inclusion within your company accounts. This presents an invaluable opportunity to gain an up-to-date perspective of your business operations, thereby effectively addressing and resolving any potential challenges that may arise.

Thus, we at HKL Accountants help you to successfully submit your accounts to the Companies House, making sure to meet deadlines and rules set by HRMC thus avoiding any kind of penalties.