Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that applies to the purchase of goods or services. If your business exceeds a turnover of £85,000, VAT registration becomes mandatory. This mandates these businesses to collect VAT directly from customers for the goods and services rendered. Consequently, they must file quarterly returns with HMRC every three months. Non-compliance could lead to penalties.

In the United Kingdom, the standard VAT rate stands at 20%, which covers most goods and services. Moreover, specific items like health-related products, energy, heating, and protective goods and services are subject to a reduced rate of 5%. Importantly, certain products and services in health, construction, publishing, or children’s clothing categories are exempt from VAT. For more details, visit

A range of transactions and services are excluded from VAT regulations, such as stamp issues, financial, and property transactions. Instead, businesses determine VAT charges based on their sales and revenue which can be calculated by VAT calculator.

Managing VAT returns can be quite a challenge for VAT-registered businesses. At HKL Accountants, we offer expert assistance in preparing, reviewing, and submitting both simple and intricate VAT returns. These returns can be filed using various schemes and frequencies.